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Kara is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Well-Being Advocate who is passionate about igniting transformation and self-realization in individuals ready to embrace their true essence and elevate their energy, consciousness, and life.

Some of her Certifications and Training include:
Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master
Reiki Master Teacher in Reiki, The Polarity Way
Reiki Advanced Reiki Practitioner in Usui Shyki Ryoho
Ascended Healer Academy Certification with Jessica Valor
Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 with Gabrielle Bernstein
Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint with Rebecca Campbell
Ho'oponopono Certification
NATA Certified Athletic Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Personal Trainer
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
and lot’s of personal experience from her own spiritual and personal journey.

For my full professional bio and resume, visit my Linkedin Profile.

Some Fun Facts About Kara

I'm an avid explorer and traveler.
I've sailed throughout the Caribbean and parts of Asia.
I lived on the island of St. Croix in the USVI.
I love dancing and laughing with friends.
I'm a Star Wars geek and college football fanatic.
My two little nephews are the lights of my life.


Monthly Zen Hour
An hour to let go, be still, and find a little peace and calm during a guided meditation and Reiki Experience. Meetings take place on Zoom and the schedule varies month to month. A schedule for the new year is in the works! Until then, you can receive updates via my newsletter.

An Individual Reiki Session
A customized session based on your individual needs, goals, and desires. The Reiki energy session may also included a guided meditation, oracle card reading, essential oil recommendations, or mentoring depending upon your intentions and any guidance that is received.
$125/75 minutes

A Transformational Reiki Experience
The Transformational Reiki Experience is a series of five 75 minute spiritual journeys designed to: elevate your overall well-being, help you excavate and embrace your true essence, expand your connection with others, the Earth, and beyond, and empower your mind, body, and soul.

Reiki, The Polarity Way Classes
Anyone can learn Reiki! All you need an open mind and willingness to learn. It's a beautiful tool to empower and transform your life as well as share with others. Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher levels are available.

All offerings are being held virtually right now including Reiki classes.

For more information on any of these offerings, how distance Reiki sessions works or to schedule an appointment, please send me a message to schedule a 20 minute complimentary session to chat.

To learn about Reiki, please visit my Reiki page.

To learn more about essential oils, please visit my Essential Oil page.


Reiki is a holistic Japanese relaxation, stress reduction, and energy healing technique that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. The word Reiki means universal life force energy. Ki is the word for Japanese just as chi is in Chinese and prana is in the yogic tradition. However, whatever the name is, if the energy in our body is blocked or low, we are likely to be stressed, sick, and diseased. If life force energy is high and flowing through us freely, we feel positive, well, and healthy.

Reiki is considered holistic because it works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it’s not tied to any religion or belief. It works whether someone believes in it or not. However, being more open minded and accepting of the energy allows for a deeper and richer experience.

A Reiki session can be administered in several ways. It can involve laying the hands on the body, hovering the hands over the body, or sending it from a distance since energy is not limited by space or time. I encourage people to find a quiet place, close your eyes, meditate and/or relax when receiving a Reiki session, even if they are experiencing the session from a distance. This allows the recipient to be in tune with the experience and completely open to receiving the energy.

During a session, a person may feel warmth, tingling, cold,movement in the body, experience throbbing or twitching in a specific area of the body, or see colors and long forgotten memories. A person may also simply experience an overall feeling of relaxation. Whatever someone experiences, it is perfect for them since Reiki works for a person’s highest and greatest good. The energy will flow where it is needed most in the body and will never do harm.

Who can receive Reiki and what can it be used for? Anyone or anything!! It can be used on people, animals, plants, food, and even your home or mode of transportation. It’s benefits include deep relaxation and reduced stress and anxiety. It also inspires closer relationships, releases blocked stuck emotions, improves creativity, clarity, and focus, builds confidence, improves sleep, assists the body in removing toxins, supports the body’s immune system, and aligns the body, mind and soul.

Who can learn Reiki? Again, anyone! There are no special skills required. It is simply passed on from a teacher to a student who is open to receiving Reiki energy. As soon as this process is complete, you have the ability to do Reiki on yourself and others.

In general, Reiki is a way of life and being. Reiki is pure love so both giving and receiving Reiki opens us up to love, compassion, and peace and eventually, this begins to permeate into our way of being.

I thank you for your interest in Reiki and allowing me to provide you with this information. If you have any further questions, would like to schedule a session, or learn Reiki, connect with me here!

Client Love

Many do not realize that I, myself, and Reiki II certified. However, I believe it is crucial to reach out to other practitioners to support you on your journey. Kara and I met when I first arrived working abroad full time in the USVI. She immediately provided me much-needed guidance and support during a challenging time. Kara continues to provide me comprehensive support remotely. She is kind, supportive, caring, and incredibly understanding - professionally, she is one of the most intuitive people I know and can adapt her services seamlessly to whatever your situation is. I recommend Kara to anyone seeking reiki work or support on your life journey. She's a blessing!
Kirsten McGregor, SAGAX Associates, LLC

Kara helped me through a very difficult point in my new career as a Realtor. I was struggling with disappointment, self-doubt and a significant fear of failure. She recommended that I try a distance Reiki session to help to resolve these feelings. Following my first session with Kara, she explained to me where my energy was blocked and how to release it. She gave me advice on affirmations, meditations and essential oils to use to continue to release my blocked energy. She told me to surround myself with the color yellow and when I got in my car and turned on my music the song “Yellow” by Coldplay came on! It was definitely a sign that Kara was spot on with her recommendations to me. Not long after my sessions with her, I landed the largest sale of my career. I am so thankful for Kara’s knowledge, healing power and kind soul. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
Morgan Bertram, Real Estate Agent at JP and Associates REALTORS

I had an energy healing session with Kara Pomicter that was out of this world! I don't even know where my consciousness went, but it felt very far away. I’d recently experienced a few traumas in my line of work that needed to be released and cleared. I went to Kara because she is so intuitive and gentle. The result of my session with Kara was a feeling of freedom and motivation once again. I highly recommend Kara Pomicter's services if you are feeling stuck or blocked. She is very thorough, gentle, and effective.
Cathy Andrews, Wings On The Ground

My first Reiki experience with Kara was the day before my wedding! She offered to work on me for a bit to help keep me relaxed, focused and grounded! Weddings have the tendency to bring high levels of intense energy and of course it is necessary to deal with a variety of characters, which can be draining if you are not centered and clear. I am so grateful we took the time to have a session together as I feel it helped me tremendously. I was able to really enjoy our big day and stay focused on what our nuptials were truly about. Interestingly, it was also one of the hottest days of the year and I was literally (and figuratively) able to keep my cool the entire day during a St. Croix garden wedding in June!

Regardless if you think you have an issue that needs to be addressed or not, I would strongly recommend seeking a session with Kara! She has artfully blended the gift of Reiki with practical applications of releasing fears and energy blocks and supporting these efforts with the use of essential oils! In the highly stimulated and overstressed world we live in, just giving yourself (or somebody you love) the gift of relaxation will be rewarding and fulfilling!
Amanda Doering-Holmes, Co-founder, Owner, and Chiropractor at Studio 360

I was immediately comfortable in Kara's presence. Her and I quickly built a rapport and her energy was soothing. I felt that I could open up and share my fears, dreams and doubts with Kara and it would be received without judgement. I had been drawn to Reiki healing before, but was not entirely comfortable with other practitioners, therefore, I did not pursue it. Energy healing is extremely personal and puts us in a vulnerable position, so to be able to connect with and trust the practitioner is paramount. I would highly recommend working with Kara, and look forward to future healing sessions. She works with you, goes at your own pace, and truly listens. I felt much more open and unblocked for a few days following my first session, so I am excited to continue on this journey of release.
Loni McGackin, Mind Body Connection Wellness Center

I was super excited to work with Kara because I've witnessed her fearlessness and go-get-em, take on life attitude and believed that she could help me fully chase my dreams. I was right! After working with Kara, I felt refreshed and confident. She helped me organize my thoughts, decipher what is important to me. Since our session, I've taken step to reach my dreams and ahve stopped worrying as much about failing because Kara helped me see that it is more important to live out my dreams than to worry about failing or what others may think.

I would definitely recommend Kara's services to any and everyone. I think the Reiki healing session, combined with the coaching and meditation makes for a well-rounded healing, refreshing session that left me feeling more spacious, clear and confident to move in the direction of my dreams. It has been a beautiful, helpful experience!
Stevie Goggans, Yoga Teacher Trainer

My mind, body and spirit want to say a BIG THANK YOU for my Reiki session! I knew something was off in my body and I needed to clear my mind, refocus and accelerate my body's self-healing ability! The Reiki energy provided me with relaxation while increasing my energy levels! I can't wait for another session with Kara!! - Lydia

I took both Reiki I, II, and III with Kara and absolutely loved all classes. Her teaching style is compassionate, empathetic, and clear, and she truly made me feel comfortable, accepted, and like I had a gift. I also felt welcome to ask questions which always received an in-depth and helpful reply. I definitely recommend taking a class or workshop with Kara. She is a natural teacher, leader, and healer. - Molly

I cannot say enough about my experiences with Kara and the magnitude of impact she has had on my life. She has been an amazing healer, transformation guide and travel companion. She has blessed me with several treatments including a highly recommended aroma touch session, unbelievable angel card readings, distance healing reiki sessions and guidance on crystal and oil usage. Each and every session and exchange with Kara has manifested the precise piece of inspiration needed to transform and expand my soul in the direction of my higher purpose. Her connection to herself, the universe and my spirit has created an environment of safety, healing and growth that far exceeded any expectations I may have held. It is her unique ability to connect with your spirit and soul that makes her the incredible conduit she is for amazing life transformations.
Cynthia Cooke, Barefoot Healing

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