About Me

Hi, I'm Kara! I'm a holistic wellness practitioner, energy healer, and reformed armchair traveler who ignites transformation and self-realization in women ready to embrace their divine essence and a life of wellness, travel, and joy.

I do this by combining all of my diverse training as a Reiki Master Teacher, energy healer and coach, essential oil advocate, certified athletic trainer, and corrective exercise specialist with a diverse toolbox and lots experience from walking my own life path.

Aside from my passion for wellness, energy healing, and supporting soulful women, I absolutely love traveling, exploring, sailing, learning new things, dancing, laughing with friends, all things Star Wars related, watching college football, and playing with my two little nephews.

For my full professional bio and resume, please visit my Linkedin Profile.

To learn more about Reiki, essential oils, and my story, click HERE to watch my Let’s Make A Cocktail interview.

Work With Me

Whether you're completely new to the world of wellness, energy and self-transformation or you're always exploring ways to dive deeper, I've an offering for you! My services are listed below and designed to introduce you to energy healing, elevate your energy, and empower your life.

Private Sessions

Relaxing Reiki Session

A general Reiki session for relaxation and stress reduction. Perfect for those wanting to dip their toe in the world of Reiki and energy healing. $80/45mintues

Energetic Empowerment Session
These customized sessions blend several wellness and energetic tools such as Reiki energy healing, guided meditations, coaching, essential oils, oracle cards and more to elevate your energy and empower your specific wellness and life goals. $125/75 minutes

I also offer single guided meditation sessions, essential oil consultations, oracle card readings, and travel mentoring sessions.

Elevate Your Energy
This package is designed to deeply transform and elevate your energy clearing and releasing energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and old programming so you can uncover your true divine essence, align your body and soul, and embrace a life of wellness, travel, and joy.

This package includes: One 2-hour intro session to assess your energy and goals, three 75-minute follow-up customized sessions, and a weekly check-in to answer questions and assess progress. $555

Reiki Energy Classes
Reiki classes are a great way to learn how to use energy healing to empower your own wellness and life. Anyone can learn Reiki energy. You only need an open mind and willingness to learn. Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher levels are available.

For more information on any of these offerings or to schedule an appointment, please send me a message.

Client Love

My mind, body and spirit want to say a BIG THANK YOU for my Reiki session! I knew something was off in my body and I needed to clear my mind, refocus and accelerate my body's self-healing ability! The Reiki energy provided me with relaxation while increasing my energy levels! I can't wait for another session with Kara!! - Lydia

When I met Kara, I had experienced Reiki before, but never remotely. The experience with Kara was so expansive and incredibly effective at releasing blocks and reducing my level of fear to move forward. Thank you for your healing touch, your positive energy, and your loving compassion. I highly recommend allowing Kara to help you on your path. - Gina

I would definitely recommend Kara's services to any and everyone. I think the Reiki healing session, combined with the coaching and meditation makes for a well-rounded healing, refreshing session that left me feeling more spacious, clear and confident to move in the direction of my dreams. It has been a beautiful, helpful experience! - Stevie

I took both Reiki I, II, and III with Kara and absolutely loved all classes. Her teaching style is compassionate, empathetic, and clear, and she truly made me feel comfortable, accepted, and like I had a gift. I also felt welcome to ask questions which always received an in-depth and helpful reply. I definitely recommend taking a class or workshop with Kara. She is a natural teacher, leader, and healer. - Molly

Connect With Me

I work with people all over the world both in-person and from a distance. If you'd like to schedule a session, learn more about me, or talk about which service is best for you, please fill out the form below with a short note about what you are looking for support with. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I will be in touch within 48 hours via email to see how I can best support you.